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Exercise, Endorphins & Wellbeing

  If you do not have one already, the end of summer is a good time to start an exercise routine before the start of the “darker” months when it is often more difficult to do so. It is a wonderful way to prepare ourselves and ensure that we will exercise regularly during a period […]

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5 Simple Ways to Shape Up for Summer

  With Summer approaching, we are all looking to get leaner, more in shape & healthier. Some of us may have a holiday in the sun booked & want to make sure we look & feel our best to wear all these lovely summer dresses we have in our wardrobe. Well, do not worry, there […]

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How to Prioritise Your Health

  Was prioritising your health your New Year resolution but you have not really done anything about it? Don’t worry, you can start now and be sure to get your energy back in time for the coming spring and summer! If the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted something to all of us, it is the importance […]

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