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Comment Stimuler votre Nerf Vague et Réduire votre Stress

Qu’est-ce que le stress et que se passe-t-il lorsque nous sommes stressés ? Le stress est une réaction naturelle de survie destinée à nous protéger en cas de danger. Lorsque nous sommes confrontés à un événement stressant, notre axe HPA (hypothalamo-hypophyso-surrénalien) est activé, provoquant un pic d’adrénaline et de cortisol pour faire face à la […]

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How To Stimulate Your Vagus Nerve And Reduce Stress

What is stress and what happens when we are stressed? Stress is a natural survival reaction designed to protect us in case of danger. When we are confronted with a stressful event, our HPA (hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal) axis is activated causing a spike in adrenaline and cortisol to deal with the threat. A number of physiological reactions […]

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How to beat the winter blues

Why everything seems worse in the winter Even though winter has a lot going for it – woolly hats, hot chocolate, curling up with a book, thick socks, a log fire and other things ‘hygge’ coming to mind – something important is missing: light. At this time of year, you go to work before sunrise […]

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Why Am I So Irritable? Simple Steps to Reduce Irritability

  Do you often feel irritable? Are you easily annoyed by things? Irritability often comes with feeling annoyed, frustrated or getting upset. What causes irritability? Irritability can be caused by many things. These can be physical: Certain illnesses Pain Fatigue Hormonal changes Lack of sleep Medication Alcohol or drug/substance abuse Diet Or they can be […]

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5 Amazing Ways to Wave Goodbye to Brain Fog

  Do you suffer from brain fog? Is it impacting your daily life? We are all experiencing it: we go shopping, park our car but then when we return, we need a little while to remember where we did park it… Or we want to say something to our partner but when we are free […]

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