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Simple Steps To Help Manage Anxiety – Part 2

  In part 1, we saw that anxiety is the result of a dysfunction in our nervous system with an over-activation of the sympathetic nervous system to the detriment of the parasympathetic one. We learned that through the gut-brain connection, we can manage the symptoms of anxiety by strengthening the parasympathetic nervous system. Simple steps […]

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Simple Steps To Help Manage Anxiety – Part 1

Are you anxious or worried all the time? Do you feel overwhelmed by daily things? Are you feeling very alone as you struggle with uneven mood? Are you wondering what is wrong with you? Anxiety can affect anyone at any time. In fact, anxiety is very common and about 8% of patients experience significantly anxious […]

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10 habits that worsen anxiety (& solutions to lessen it)

1- OVERTHINKING Overthinking creates problems that are not there. The problems then get worse, and this increases your anxiety even more. Solutions:  allocate a specific time to overthinking and then move on. Shift your energies on other matters. Experiment with mindfulness by scheduling, if you can daily, meditation or yoga to quieten your thoughts. 2- […]

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