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‘What to eat!’ series – #17 Haddock


Haddock is a saltwater fish found mostly in the North Atlantic ocean. It has a white, flaky & tender flesh. It is a great source of protein, low in carbohydrates & fat. It is rich in B-vitamins (B1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 9 & 12), vitamin D & minerals (magnesium, calcium, selenium, phosphorus, sodium) & is also a great source of anti-inflammatory omega-3. It can also come in smoked form where it appears as light or darker yellow depending on the amount of dye used in the smoking process. When smoked, haddock comes with a very strong tasty flavour: not everyone likes it. I personally love it!

Some studies have shown that eating excessive amounts of smoked foods can increase the risks of certain diseases because the smoking process leads to higher levels of nitrates and nitrites, two types of salts, as well as standard salt. However, I personally believe – as with everything – that, provided you eat these foods in moderation, it is perfectly fine & they can be part of a healthy diet.

The benefits of haddock

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Support gut health
  • Support brain function
  • Increases immunity
  • Support heart health
  • Cancer prevention
  • Support eye health
  • Support bone health
  • Improves skin health
  • Weight management

Although much less than other big fish, it must be noted that haddock contains some levels of mercury, so should be consumed with moderation.

To keep its health benefits, it is best to have it grilled or roasted but the occasional pan-frying in butter is totally acceptable. In the UK, it is well known for its use in the famous “fish & chips” but if you decide to fry it in batter at home, make sure your batter and the oil you use are good quality and don’t have it too often: it should just be a treat.

Haddock is great sprinkled with herbs, lemon or spices. Try different combinations & see what you prefer.

Small tip: if you bought smoked haddock & you find the taste too strong or too salty, poach it in some milk, this will make it milder & remove some of the salty taste.

So consider adding haddock to your diet. The picture on this post is for a roasted fillet of haddock topped with breadcrumbs (you can also make it as a “herby” breadcrumb mix, adding a selection of herbs you may have) & a sprinkle of lemon. Served with greens & mixed peppers, it is simply delicious.

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