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‘What to eat!’ series – #14 Apples


Apples come in myriads of varieties around the world & are used in countless recipes. They come in many shapes, colours & textures & are the ultimate on-the-go, ready-to-eat snack & are packed with healthy goodness as the old saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” states.

They are nutrient-rich, providing healthy amounts of fibre (mostly in the skin), vitamin C, B vitamins (B1, B6), antioxidant polyphenols (quercetin & phloridzin), & are low in calories.

They can help with:

  • Gut health support: they contain pectin, a type of fibre that acts as a prebiotic thus feeding our “good’ gut bacteria & supporting symptoms such as acid reflux or bowel issues
  • Weight management
  • Reducing the risk of diabetes
  • Balancing cholesterol levels & blood pressure thus good for heart health
  • Cancer prevention (through their antioxidant properties)

Apples are anti-inflammatory & as such can assist in the prevention of many chronic diseases & infections.

Be aware that the production of apples uses high volume of pesticides so be sure to wash them thoroughly before eating.

Apples are very versatile & are great eaten raw or baked. They can easily be accommodated in sweet or savoury dishes. I personally love adding them grated or sliced to my porridge (with extra berries, it is just heaven) or chopped into a quick lunch salad. I also bake them in the oven & add them to meat or fish dishes, or as a simple dessert with a dollop of fresh cream, yogurt or kefir. There are countless recipes available online, so I encourage you to add them to your diet: they are so easy & delicious! And cheap!

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