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Recipe – Kale & Mushroom Bonanza


Both kale and mushrooms are in season right now and are a great combo for a delicious dinner full of good things. And they are super easy to prepare.

This is how I cooked them last night. You can use whatever quantities you want, it will keep for a few days once it is cooked or you can batch freeze it for future use.

👉 Wash them well before use.

👉 Chopped them roughly.

👉 Add the mushrooms to a deep wok on a high heat: they will reduce and brown a little bit. I do not use any fat and just add a knob of butter at the end when they are done. Reserve them.

In the same wok, add the chopped kale and cook for a few minutes. They will reduce as well. Reserve them.

👉 Add a knob of butter to the wok again and toss chopped or crushed garlic. Sweat a bit then when ready, add the cooked mushrooms and kale and warm up all together.

👉 That’s it! You can eat it as is, or on a slice of sourdough bread, or with brown cooked rice or, if you fancy a bit more, with a poached egg on top.