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Exercise, Endorphins & Wellbeing

If you do not have one already, the end of summer is a good time to start an exercise routine before the start of the “darker” months when it is often more difficult to do so. It is a wonderful way to prepare ourselves and ensure that we will exercise regularly during a period when we often eat heavier food and when our mood can be up and down. Exercise is important all through the year but even more so during the winter months. It helps keep our brain and body going. Why exercise? As well as boosting physical and ...
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Podcast: Nutrition & Health Coaching in time of Divorce or Separation

Going through a divorce or a separation? Experiencing high levels of stress? Nutrition & lifestyle changes may not be high on your agenda right now but there are ways you can support yourself through these difficult & challenging times. It is all about nutrition and guthealth. Find more info on this podcast I did recently with Sarah-JaneTasteyre & Audrey Zeitoun, divorce lawyer & coach. Nurture yourself, take care of yourself & be kind with yourself ...
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5 Simple Ways to Shape Up for Summer

With Summer approaching, we are all looking to get leaner, more in shape & healthier. Some of us may have a holiday in the sun booked & want to make sure we look & feel our best to wear all these lovely summer dresses we have in our wardrobe. Well, do not worry, there are things you can do to kick start your journey towards a more vibrant you. Eat lots of fruits & vegs: Summer brings a wonderful choice of plant food so load them up in your shopping basket & have them at all meals. Aim for variety ...
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How to feed our friendly gut microbes & improve our mental health

Today is Mental Health Awareness Day. In my previous blog, I spoke about the microbiome and its importance to our health: our gut impacts all bodily systems, and particularly our mental health. Mental health problems have risen dramatically in the last few years and are affecting both individuals and healthcare providers. Allopathic medicine offers a range of solutions to support mental health issues through medicinal drugs and therapies. However, many of my clients suffering from these have been struggling for years and are keen to explore other more natural alternatives. And the good news is that there are things that ...
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What is the microbiome and why is it important for our health?

What is this microbiome we hear about everywhere these days? It is a huge area of research and as a gut health nutritionist, it is right up my street. I am especially interested into its link with mental health through the gut-brain axis (another blog needed on that subject!), which can assist with all sorts of issues such as headaches, migraines, poor mood, focus and memory, anxiety and even depression. I recently supported a client with migraines and we managed to substantially reduce the severity & frequency of her migraines by, among other things, supporting her gut microbiome. We have ...
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Everything you need to know about grains &
what to eat on a gluten-free or wheat-free diet

Are you confused with all the different grains available and don’t know what is what? In this blog, I clarify which grain is what and what you can eat – or not – if you have to be on a gluten-free or wheat-free diet. This makes it easy for you to know what to do and what you can concentrate on. There are many ways to prepare or cook these grains and I am sure I will write a blog about this someday but, in the meantime, there are hundreds of recipes online so don’t feel shy and check them ...
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How to Prioritise Your Health

Was prioritising your health your New Year resolution but you have not really done anything about it? Don’t worry, you can start now and be sure to get your energy back in time for the coming spring and summer! If the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted something to all of us, it is the importance of our health. Without it, pretty much nothing matters in life. Without it, we are unable to concentrate and focus on our work, we lack patience with our family and friends, we struggle to do things and frankly, we feel rubbish! So, starting the new year ...
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In conversation with JERMS

I recently participated in this interview with Jerms. Find out how you can support your gut, improve your mood & feel better! Can you tell us a bit about the personal journey which led you to qualify as a Nutritional Therapist?  It has been a long journey and so well worth it! I suffered from chronic pain for years and saw many doctors and “experts”, but none were able to offer me long-term solutions. I started exploring other avenues and this opened my mind to alternative approaches to health. I discovered a world of opportunities, and this empowered me to ...
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Feel sexy and fabulous for Valentine’s,
and 6 foods to get you in the mood

Have you lost your mojo? If it’s not just Valentine’s Day turning you off, you could be suffering from a low libido. Here’s how to boost your sex drive and feel great in bed again. We all have days when we’re not in the mood for sex. But for some it’s not just the pressure of Valentine’s Day – it’s all year round. It’s something I see a lot in clinic. For women, having sex is often far more complicated than just feeling “in the mood”. When we’re spinning so many plates (from children, work, partners and social life, not ...
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How to beat the winter blues

Why everything seems worse in the winter Even though winter has a lot going for it – woolly hats, hot chocolate, curling up with a book, thick socks, a log fire and other things ‘hygge’ coming to mind – something important is missing: light. At this time of year, you go to work before sunrise and come home after sunset, with very little exposure to natural light in between. This lack of light over months on end causes serious problems for many people. According to BUPA, the ‘winter blues’, or seasonal affective disorder (SAD), affects about 3% of the population ...
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