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How to Prioritise Your Health


Was prioritising your health your New Year resolution but you have not really done anything about it?

Don’t worry, you can start now and be sure to get your energy back in time for the coming spring and summer!

If the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted something to all of us, it is the importance of our health. Without it, pretty much nothing matters in life. Without it, we are unable to concentrate and focus on our work, we lack patience with our family and friends, we struggle to do things and frankly, we feel rubbish!

So, starting the new year by putting our health as number 1 priority is clearly the right move.

In this blog, I will review a few essential steps you can tackle to achieve optimal health.

What should you do to prioritise your health?

Support your gut

Gastrointestinal health is a pillar of health and wellbeing. As discussed in some of my previous blogs, our gut microbiome is essential to our overall health. Our gut microbiome is made of trillions of bacteria, which we need to survive. However, we need to nurture our “friendly” bacteria and this we can do by paying attention to what we eat, our environment and our lifestyles.

Healthy gut bacteria allow optimal digestion, nutrient absorption, immune function, and optimal mood (key neurotransmitters are produced in the gut so it is true that what we eat impacts our mood!).

Give your immunity a boost

Without a strong immune system, our body’s defense system is weakened and we are at the mercy of all sorts of bugs that can make us ill. A depleted immune system leads to many health conditions. Seventy percent of our immunity resides in our gut (yes it does!) so supporting our gut is the number one priority to maintain a healthy immunity.

Optimise your sleep and brain function

In turn, the quality of your sleep has a direct impact on your body’s immune defenses. During sleep, our body also repairs itself and eliminates all the toxins we have accumulated during the day.

So, as you can see, everything is connected!

What should you do to support your gut, boost your immunity and optimise your sleep and brain function?

There are a few simple steps you can take to ensure optimal health:

  • Eat a diverse and mostly plant-based diet, rich in fibre
  • Eat good quality proteins at each meal
  • Ensure adequate intake of good fats such as omega-3 (found in oily fish, nuts, seeds…)
  • Drink plenty of water each day: at least 2L/day
  • Eliminate (or at least reduce to a minimum) consumption of ultra-processed, sugary/highly salted foods, alcohol and caffeine
  • Implement exercise in your daily routine: at least 20min/day
  • Reduce stress from your life: take some “me” time. Think yoga, meditation, tai chi, breathing exercises, cooking, singing, laughing, spending quality time with friends & family, listening to music, running…whatever takes your fancy
  • Ensure a good quality sleep. Obvious ways include: ensuring a good sleep environment (temperature, light, comfort, noise), avoiding stimulants (caffeine, alcohol, sugar…) before bed, relaxation techniques prior to bedtime…

There are many factors that can affect a good night’s sleep. If this is something you are having difficulty with, feel free to contact me and we can discuss supporting you long-term.

Don’t let poor health dictate your life. There are many simple strategies you can put into place to help you feel better, have more energy and be able to tackle your daily life with more vitality!

If you want to prioritise your health, and you feel you need some guidance and support to do so, I would be happy to discuss your specific requirements and what you want to achieve. I offer a free Health & Energy Review call which you can book directly here. Or you can get in touch with me here or call me directly on 07788 444 199.