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How I Changed My Life

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My journey towards health has ben inspiring and life-changing.

It all started when I was a teenager and pain crept on me on a regular basis. I went the traditional way, seeing doctors and “experts” who temporarily relieved my symptoms but did not offer any long-term solutions. I kept at it for years – thinking there were no other options, and not being offered any – until I started working and I was more and more in pain. It became entrenched in my body and despite seeing many therapists, never truly went away. It was there and there for good.

Seeking Solutions

I had to find real solutions if I did not want the pain to define my life.

Through all the years, I explored so many avenues – literally trying everything I could (and spending a fortune in the process!) – that I started becoming my own expert on what was working or not working for my own body. I also became more attuned to what my body was telling me and delved deeper into solutions I could implement on my own.

My breakthrough

The first real breakthrough was when I discovered the power of exercise, the power of movement. Contrary to most advice at the time arguing that staying put would help my pain, I experienced real changes whilst being mobile. What was really killing me was in fact being too static: none of the “experts” I had seen had ever suggested this simple solution! Of course, why should they? I would have stopped seeing them!

I therefore started implementing a daily routine of exercises, stretching, movements and breathing. I delved deeper into the transforming effect of yoga which, as well as helping me relax my mind and therefore equip me to better cope with the pain, also allowed me more flexibility. In parallel, I also paid attention to my nutrition to keep an optimal weight and not put added pressure on my body. I became fascinated by the mind-body-soul connection and read as much as I could on the subject. I realised I had to change the way I lived to see real changes. I quit my job and decided to prioritise my health.

This was three years ago and oh my, what a life-changing journey it has been.

Changing my life

I went to study nutrition at the renowned College of Naturopathic Nutrition in London and am now a qualified naturopathic nutritional therapist and health coach looking at an holistic approach to health. By looking at the whole mind-body-soul connection, I can help my clients to dig deep and find life-changing solutions to their problems. I discovered that it is only by taking charge of our own health – and not solely relying on ‘experts’ – that we can really improve.

Taking action is empowering and liberating. 

Traditional medicine deals with symptoms and apply therapies or drugs to fix them. This has proven a real success for acute illnesses but in chronic conditions, symptoms are manifestations of deeper and multi-factorial causes that need to be explored and dealt with to liberate the trapped energies in our bodies. Life is energy so only by releasing our energies can we truly be alive.

By looking at the mind-body-soul connection, I have also accepted that my pain is part of me, that it will always be there. Pain is a message from our body that something is out of balance and that we need to take action: it forces us to attend to the problem. Our attitude & mental outlook can greatly influence the way we perceive pain. Thoughts such as fear, anguish, frustration, guilt, loneliness & helplessness can intensify pain. So pain not only warns us but also protects us. I have learned to keep it manageable through the lifestyle choices I make. I can take charge and this in itself is liberating. Although it can be difficult at times, I now view my pain as my friend: thanks to it, I have changed as a human being and have become a stronger and more focused person. I can therefore only thank it for allowing me to explore things I may not have considered and for giving me a true purpose in life. 

Make a change today!

If, like me, you have been battling with health issues and want to find affirming solutions, feel free to contact me for a free 15-minute review call on +44 (0)7788 444 199. I offer programmes lasting 8 to 12 weeks and with different levels of support.

Poor health is not ‘normal’ and cannot be sorted with quick-fix solutions. Long-term and ongoing changes are what works.

We can all do it. We must. To live fully.