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Andrea - London

“I was really pleased to meet you. We discussed my asthma symptoms and my menopausal hot flushes.  We ascertained that, although I was mostly following a healthy eating and exercise regime, some improvements could be made to my diet.  I followed (mostly!) your advice and I found that my symptoms in both areas improved. I really enjoyed our consultations. 

You were very warm and welcoming, yet professional, and your questions were thorough but not invasive.  Your manner was very inviting and I felt completely at ease with you.  I found the consultations positive, informative and you gave me plenty to think about. 

You made me feel far more aware of what I was eating and about my lifestyle”.

Bowl of healthy vegetables and chicken

Victoria - London

“I was extremely impressed by my consultations with Emmanuelle.

She was very thorough and professional and I found the sessions very informative. Since the consultations I’m delighted to say that I have completely changed my thinking and approach to my nutrition. I have a newfound appreciation for food and my health has noticeably improved.

Thank you so much for all your help”.

Female hand holding a spoon over a bowl of Granola With Greek Yogurt And Berries

Anne - Paris

“Très satisfaite de l’excellent professionalisme de cette thérapeuthe.

Menacée d’operation aux deux genoux et contrainte de perdre du poids, Emmanuelle  m’a proposé un protocole entièrement sur mesure et adapté à mes habitudes de grande gourmande ayant toujours faim.

Sur un mois, un suivi très sérieux, personnalisé, m’a permis, sans souffrance ou privation, simplement par changements alimentaires, dosages et modifications comportementales faciles, de perdre dèjà en douceur 3 kgs malgré un âge avancé et des kgs installés depuis des années. Je n’en reviens pas et suis enchantée.”

Sprouting plant

Sally - Bath

“I am so glad I found you! Within a short while, I am feeling so much better. Through your suggestions, I have changed the way I eat and take care of myself and the results are there: I feel more energy, my mood is more stable, my sleep has improved and I am looking at things in a more positive way. I did not realise the power of food and changing habits had on health, it is amazing! Thank you so much.”

Healthy bowl with eggs & spinach