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Medical tests

As a registered nutritional therapist, I rely on your GP for diagnosis of your health issues. You should therefore always consult your GP first.

Depending on your symptoms, I may refer you for a test to get additional information.

Tests* – via urine, blood, saliva or stool samples – can be done at your GP’s surgery or at private laboratories. With the exception of blood tests, they can all be done at home before being returned to the laboratory for analysis.

*Please note that any medical test fees are not included in consultations or packages.

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As a nutritional therapist and as a firm believer in the power of food, exercise and mindset, I believe that if you follow my protocol, supplements are not usually needed.

However, you may suffer from an underlying condition or experience a specific nutrient deficiency requiring some supplements. I do not ever recommend long-term high dose intake and any suggestions will be monitored and reviewed at our follow-up appointments.

Many of us may not feel 100% and temporary supplementation to re-establish equilibrium can be helpful.

Many aspects of our daily lives can have a profound impact on our vitamin and mineral requirements. Some of these include: poor nutrition; stress; poor sleep; excessive exercise; excessive consumption of alcohol, sugar, processed foods or caffeine; infections; malabsorption issues; or intake of certain medications. These factors deplete our body of specific nutrients, which will need to be addressed to re-establish homeostasis (the balance between all your bodily functions).

It may be that you are already taking a supplement. Unfortunately, many of the standard supplements sold on the market have dubious credentials and are not backed by science. Many do not even have the contents they are claiming to have or are tampered heavily with artificial fillers. As a trained nutritional therapist, I will be able to advise you on the best supplements available for you.

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